General Questions

Where is the show located?

Jimmy Burke Activity Center
500 W. 13th St.
Deer Park, TX 77459

What is the entry fee for admission?

$10 Adult Weekend Pass/ $7 Adult One-Day Pass
$7 Senior/Child Weekend Pass/ $5 Senior/Child One-Day Pass
Children 5 and under are free! We accept credit card and cash at the door. There is also an online ticket option at TicketLeap.

What are the show hours?

9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

How much is parking?


Is it handicap accessible?

Yes! There are handicap ramps in/out of the facility and the spacing indoors is wheelchair friendly.


What is a cat show?

A cat show is a beauty pageant for cats. Each breed is judged based on their standard initially, then ranked among all of the competing breeds during a final. There are five classes: Champion (intact), Alters (desexed), Kittens (4-8 months), Household Pet Adults (rescue/non-registered pedigreed),and Household Pet Kittens (rescue/non-registered pedigreed 4-8 months).

Can I pet the cats?

Yes and No. The cats that are in the judging rings may not be touched, but you may follow them back to their benching area and ask the owner if you can pet the cat. We will have a designated benching area filled with cats that are allowable to pet! It is our Friendly Feline Petting Zoo! Don't be surprised if you are asked to use hand sanitizer in order to prevent spread of possible disease and sickness.

Will there be activites for the kids?

Yes! We will have face painting, kitty craft area, mascot entertainment, watch cats compete in the feline agility course, shopping, costume contest, and our friendly feline petting zoo.

Will there be food and drinks?

Yes! Our kitchen will have brisket, potato salad, water, sodas, salads, and more!

More Questions

Can we bring our pets to the show?

No. This is to protect both the show cats and your pet. All registered show cats are up to date on their vaccinations and routinely vetted. No outside animals (including emotional support animals) are permissable in the juding section unless declared by the United States Disablility Act as an active service animal for the physically disabled.

Are we allowed to take photos/videos of the cats?

Most likely yes, but please be polite and ask the owner if at their personal benching area. If at the judging ring, be cognizant of the sound and brightness of the flash, as it may spook the cats.

What should I expect at my first cat show?

Expect a lot of cats bussed here and there, grooming to a purrfection, shopping, photos with proud kitty parents, food, and lots of education!
Here are two spectator guides that will prepare you for your first cat show!
CFA Visitor Guide
TICA Visitor Guide


How do I register my cat for the show?

Did you know that cat shows are not only for pedigreed cats? They are also for rescues and non-pedigreed cats! Come join the fun and show off your beloved feline.
TICA registration
CFA registration

What are the local airports?

George Bush Intercontinental (35 minutes from show hall)
Houston Hobby Airport (21 minutes from show hall)

Are there more cat shows?

Yes! Both TICA and CFA have shows all over the United States year round. Check out their calendars here:
TICA Calendar
CFA Calendar

What is the Paypal address to pay for my entries?